COVID-19 Updates

New update 20.07.2021

Masks Must be worn while at reception and within the changing rooms. All other rules still apply, please see below

If you have any specific queries or concerns please contact the team on 865555 or by email at


Health and Safety Measures

What is the clubs doing about cleaning and disinfecting in the gyms?

Club Carrefour is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for our members and employees. Our Club is following a strict and vigorous cleaning protocol that has been found effective against viruses.

  • The entire premises will be cleaned and disinfected using Desquard cleaner including Detol.
  • Our dedicated staff will be on site throughout the day working to a comprehensive cleaning protocol in accordance with States of Jersey guidelines.
  • Members are required to clean and disinfect all equipment before and after use with the provided spray cleaner and paper towels.
  • Hand sanitiser and wipe stations have been strategically located throughout the Club for members and staff  to use.
  • All high touch point areas will be cleaned and disinfected.

What is the Club doing about access and circulation?

  • Queuing – Entrance and exit via reception will be restricted to one at a time. Physical distancing of 2m must be adhered to at all times.
  • Reception – All members must sign in using their Club Membership card prior to entering the facility. Should you not have your card with you then you must notify the receptionist who will register your attendance manually prior to your entry.
  • Changing rooms and shower facilities – Will remain restrictive under Level four Government guidelines masks must be worn whilst using changing room facilities. Showers and toilets will remain available for use. Lockers are currently not available for use.
  • Gym Floors – All equipment within the gyms has been arranged to ensure 1m physical distancing measures can be adhered to at all times. Boxing gloves and yoga mats will not be provided by the Club at this time and until further notice.
  • First Aid – First aid, if required, is available by our trained staff with appropriate PPE provided and used as required.
  • ZONES – Certain areas within the clubs will be marked with maximum occupancy allowed, please adhere to these numbers. 

Is the number of people allowed in the Club limited?

Yes, we will be limiting the number of people permitted within our areas of the Club in accordance with States of Jersey guidelines. Currently this is set to two meter socially distancing. Members will not have a current limitation of time in training. Capacity will be indicated via our social media Facebook and at main entrance with a traffic light system. This will be updated regularly. Alternatively please contact reception.

Green- 0-25 members

Amber-25-35 members

Red-35-40 members

Will members have to wear facemasks?

Members are not required to wear facemasks whilst training, however they are required when both entering the facilities and using the changing rooms.

What rules do I have to follow as a member?

We want our members to stay healthy and active during this time and expect all members to observe good personal hygiene and be socially responsible by adhering to the following rules:

  • You must use the hand sanitiser station at the main reception prior to entering the facility.
  • You must sign in using your membership card before entering the facility.
  • You must use the disinfectant sprays and wipes provided throughout the facility before and after using any equipment.
  • You must observe physical distancing at all times.
  • You must stay at home if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, no matter how mild. This includes muscle ache, headache, loss of smell/taste, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath or a continuous new cough.
  • All forms of exercise are permitted with no restriction on intensity


General Operational Updates

Is there going to be enough equipment to use?

Yes. We have rearranged our gym floors to ensure that the 2m physical distancing rules can be adhered to. Whilst this has naturally meant less equipment is available, this has been kept to a minimum.

Will the sauna areas be open?

Unfortunately we are unable to open the saunas at this time.

Will all classes be recommencing immediately when you open?

No, however all types of class intensities will resume in due course.

Will I be able to resume my personal training sessions?

Personal training sessions will resume as normal adhering to the current guidelines.

Will the Clubroom be open?

The seating arrangements within the Clubroom has been reduced to expand the usable floor space within the gym to ensure that 2m physical distancing requirements are met.


If you have any further questions please contact either club using the below contact information. 

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